Choose the best Jewellers Durban can offer and Make Time Stand Still with Beautiful Timepieces from Mark Gold

At Mark Gold in Durban, we have worked hard to create the perfect storm of craftsmanship, fine design and personality. Our company brings together the most celebrated jewellers Durban has to offer. Distinct African flavours are intrinsically woven into every unique creation delivered by Mark Gold.


Our extensive range of celebrated timepiece brands continues to attract attention from every corner of the industry. Throughout the years, we have forged industry partnerships with leading brands in the jewellery industry. Our clients turn to us for the very latest solutions in custom jewellery Durban offers.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Timepieces from Mark Gold

We are particularly excited and proud of bringing Giuliano Mazzuoli timepieces to the South African market. These pieces are handcrafted in Italy, with exceptionally high horology Swiss technology automatic movement. It remains at the cutting edge of innovative jewellery design around the world, and pushes the boundaries of inspired design in every way.


Every detail of these timepieces are sweated and laboured over, and there is no accident about its sturdy stainless steel design with 45.2mm diameter and 14.8mm thickness. Its masterful precision, robustness and unmatched functionality puts it in a class of its own. These are only a few of many reasons why Mark Gold’s timepieces continue to set the golden standard in our industry.

Make A Visual Statement with Our Timepieces

We use only the finest materials that are finished to the very highest standards to develop a vast range of accessories and watches proven to provide a purposeful, visual statement. Our beautiful products are available at highly competitive rates, ensuring that world leading quality is available to South Africans from all walks of life. You too can walk around with the most beautiful timepieces available in Durban and South Africa today, thanks to your dedicated and professional Mark Gold jewellers.


We can translate your vision into reality, and deliver the beautiful jewellery you have always dreamed about. To learn more about our extensive range of fine quality timepieces and our other custom jewellery in Durban, speak to us today. We are ready to provide you with the expertise needed to translate your desires into beautiful jewellery.