Custom Jewellery from the Top Jewellers Durban Offers To South Africa


Durban has a well-deserved reputation as a jewellery design hub in South Africa, and Mark Gold is proud of our contribution to this legacy. With our capabilities to produce custom jewellery from some of the top jewellers Durban brings to the industry, people across South Africa turn to us to help bring to life their visions for the perfect jewellery pieces. We have a diverse selection of bespoke bands that also forms part of our range of quality custom jewellery designs.


These bands are tailored to fit your unique requirements and individual style. If you are looking to add sparkle to your tailored, one of a kind custom jewellery from leading jewellers Durban continues to produce, then our Fresh Diamonds will deliver a truly breath taking and exquisite finish. Let our handcrafted and bold, bespoke jewellery deliver the visual impact you are after from your unique piece, and entrust us with all your jewellery needs.

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